Hear feedback from our other customers

"I would highly recommend working with MIL as they really deliver what they promise to do. I am always kept up to date with the progress on any file and they are committed to providing the best of customer service."

"We have found the communication to be extremely good with excellent response times. We would recommend this company for anyone looking to use their services."

"We started using MIL a few years ago now. Fortunately, we do not have many withdrawals but with peoples circumstances ever changing they are inevitable in some cases. MIL provide us with the peace of mind that if we are entitled to a fee, we will see it without having to do anything."

"We instructed MIL to recover a bad debt for us and have been very impressed with their hard work in tracking down the debtor.  We have found them to be diligent and expert in their field and would certainly recommend their services."

Contact one of our sales team, we would be delighted to assist you on sales@miloutsource.co.uk or 01872 713 570